Monday, June 27, 2011

Nail Party 1

Cloud Flower
Orange Spring

DS Leopard

Last night we had a little nail party. A friend will invite 3 or 4 of there friends (max!) and I get there nails did. As you see.  Whats your fav? Can you tell mine?

My title "Nail Party 1" isn't to say that this is my first nail party. I have been doing one or two almost every week for about 6-8 months. Give or take. I will start posting some pictures up.

Deborah's feet are in this shot. She was my foot model on "X Marks da' Spot" post. Can you spot her?

Products Used 4 Cloud Flower:

1. Revlon - Cloud 
2. Cheapy Nail Art Pens
3. Dotting tool

Products Used 4 Orange Spring:

1. Rimmel London - Dessert Rose
2. Nail Art Striper Tool - White
3.Dotting tool

Products Used 4 Splatter:

1. Wet n Wild - French White Creme (base coat)
2. OPI - Need Sunglasses?
3. Konad Image Plate - m21
4. Konad Special Polish - Red, Blue, Green

Products Used 4 DS Leopard:

1. OPI - Designers Series Extravagance
2. Konad Image Plate - m57
3. Sally Hansen - Ruby Chrome


  1. I REALLY love the color you used in DS Leopard. And the Orange Spring is beautiful!

  2. OH wow the nails in that last pic are so dope! love them! x

    Haute and Fierce

  3. Wauw, i really like the leopard nails!