Monday, June 27, 2011


This is what my nails put on today. Want to know what colors I used? Please follow.

Nail Party 1

Cloud Flower
Orange Spring

DS Leopard

Last night we had a little nail party. A friend will invite 3 or 4 of there friends (max!) and I get there nails did. As you see.  Whats your fav? Can you tell mine?

My title "Nail Party 1" isn't to say that this is my first nail party. I have been doing one or two almost every week for about 6-8 months. Give or take. I will start posting some pictures up.

Deborah's feet are in this shot. She was my foot model on "X Marks da' Spot" post. Can you spot her?

Products Used 4 Cloud Flower:

1. Revlon - Cloud 
2. Cheapy Nail Art Pens
3. Dotting tool

Products Used 4 Orange Spring:

1. Rimmel London - Dessert Rose
2. Nail Art Striper Tool - White
3.Dotting tool

Products Used 4 Splatter:

1. Wet n Wild - French White Creme (base coat)
2. OPI - Need Sunglasses?
3. Konad Image Plate - m21
4. Konad Special Polish - Red, Blue, Green

Products Used 4 DS Leopard:

1. OPI - Designers Series Extravagance
2. Konad Image Plate - m57
3. Sally Hansen - Ruby Chrome

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Geo Chrome

This is a chromey geometric design. Sometimes subtle designs are more wearable if you plan on having your mani on for a week or so.  All you nail freaks know that having the same mani or design on you nails for a week is way too long ;) I find though that I am contented with having a good pedi to be on for a week or so. 

The OPI polish "steady as she rose" is opaque in two coats. Thats my kind of polish!  I really dont mess with sheer polish.  I guess you could use come to layer polish but those looks are just not my thang.  I love a good cream color any day!

Products Used:
1. OPI - Steady as she rose ( pirates of the caribbean collection)
2. Sally Hansen - Ruby Chrome 07
3. Konad Plate- m64


Saturday, June 25, 2011

X Marks da' Spot

Meet Deborah. She is a great friend and a good foot model. She doesn't know that she is a foot model. I'm sure she wouldn't mind ;)                                                                             
Products Used:
1. Rimmel London - Dessert Rose
2. Konad - m64 Image Plate
3. Konad - Special Blue Polish


Friday, June 24, 2011

First Haul

I don't usually do hauls but my husband Brandon (yes I said my husband ) had this idea for nail design. I won't reveal the design but it is coming up soon.  Enjoy!

My Minnie Me

This is little Ms. Isabella.  Whenever she has polished her nails or her mom or grandma does her nails she runs all excited to show me. So cute! 
Here is a look that her grandma did.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Pedi's

 Here is a pedi I did for my mom. A simple french with a flower.

I did my friend Dolores' footsies also.  She has a peek a boo flower! ;)  Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Argyle Tips

Here is is one of my favorite patterns argyle.  I used konad plate m60 and used the edge of the pattern so that the line of the tip would be straight.  Hope you lover of nail designs enjoy.  

Here is my islands national flower bougainvillea.  I am from the beautiful island of Guam.  In the second picture I am holding a starfruit.  Please comment and follow!   ENJOY ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011


This was actually inspired by a carpet.  If you ever need to get inspired for designs just look up carpet images. Its a sensory over load. Enjoy!

Crack Nails

Here is a cracked out look.

Simple Retro Nails

Here is a simple design.  For an easy to follow nail tutorial please connect to my youtube link!