Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Swatches - China Glaze & OPI

Icy Nails inspired this post. I saw her post on the new China Glaze 2012 fall collection and I thought that they had a similar gold in the permanent collection. Yes similar but with more gold and less purple. I am talking about the polish icy nails posted. Check out her post and compare. 

The polish swatch that I thought was very similar is the one in the middle CG "swimg baby". I wanted to compare it to some of the gold I have just to show you folks how much it has a hint of purple to it. 

Natural Light

(left to right)  
China Glaze " Optimistic"
China Glaze "Swing Baby"*
OPI "Glitzerland"

*This is the polish that is in comparison to the China Glaze swatch "Swanky Silk" blog post of Icy Nails 

With Flash

 Two Coats.

Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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